Month Less Plastic

camping less plastic

Technically, we’re done with our 2nd Annual Month Less Plastic as of today. Since I took a bit of summer vacation from blogging during the second half of our experimental month, I’ll be catching up over the next couple of weeks. Yes, that’s right! You can look forward to exciting posts about:

Making your own yogurt!

DIY dishwasher detergent!

Soap-free dish soap in a shaker bottle!

Camping less plastic!

The incredible amount of plastic involved with getting a new roof!

A love letter to bar shampoo!

And more!

breakfast less plastic, to go

Is there something you’d like to know about living with less new plastic? Do you have any tips you’d like to share?


6 comments on “Month Less Plastic

  1. Can’t wait! We also bought a bar of the shampoo to try it out. We’ve been on BS/ACV for a year a a half. I liked it just fine, but thought we’d try the bar. So far, so good.

    • Which bar did you get? I’m wondering how much difference there is between brands…I’m finding the one we’ve got so much better than the all-natural kids’ shampoo we’ve been using since I gave up on BS/ACV.

      • We got the Liggett’s, but it was a total impulse buy. We were at the store getting something else entirely. This was on our way to the check-out, and seemed to be the only bar shampoo. The first time I used it, I didn’t follow it up with anything and thought my hair was a bit tough to comb through. The second time I used ACV and that worked like a charm. I never had a problem with the BS and dryness. Bill does fine without anything at all, but his hair is pretty short. Looking forward to your post on this. We even have it in a cute little jar like yours!

  2. I’ll look forward to the camping with less plastic edition. I’ve been dismayed with myself regarding how much plastic I use when we go. A couple of years ago I decided to give up on the “no plastic bags” effort – between freezing lots of fruit for winter & needing a way to *truly* contain hiking snacks (without the excessive weight of my beloved metal containers), I’ve had to keep a stash that I faithfully wash & reuse until they finally have to go to recycleland. I made my peace with that… sort of. But camping has been a real struggle for me. Anyway, can’t wait to read (and implement) your creative solutions!

    • I’m afraid you might be disappointed with my camping post…We talked about this when we were out there, sitting in the drizzle, with our food safely stashed in the plastic bear cans. Sometimes plastic truly is useful, and doesn’t have an easy replacement. I found alternatives for some things, but some of those wouldn’t make sense on a longer trek, and some things didn’t have an obvious sustainable and safe alternative. I’ll save the details for my post!

      • It sounds as if you guys found the same thing I did: camping requires plastic. Even if we make our own dehydrated meals, we have to take them in zipper baggies. Granted, we’ll reuse them. But stilll… It’s so backwards that, in order to get out and enjoy nature, we have to use unsustainable products. So this is just one of those cases when we make sure to value the plastic, take good care of it, and use it for as long as possible. I’ll bet you still have some great ideas to help reduce the need, though. And there are other ways to be more sustainable about camping, too, like buying gear from companies that are doing their best to be sustainable (recycled plastics for gear, better fire retardants, better waterproofers, fair wages, better manufacturing practices, etc.).

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