Pie Less Plastic

Bing cherry pie – Gluten-free, casein-free, plastic-free

In the interest of spreading the love of pie as far as possible, while keeping our collective plastic footprint as small as possible, I offer this: A very easy and very tasty recipe that works with all sorts of fruit,

Polly’s Perfect Blueberry Pie

You ought to click on that link and print yourself a copy of the recipe. Fold it and stick it in your favorite cookbook, so you’ll have it handy. It really is an amazing blueberry pie with a pat-in-the-pan crust and crumble topping.

With this recipe you will be able to eat more pie with less plastic. With this recipe, you are only minutes of work (and about an hour of baking) away from a pie. You will never need to purchase a frozen pie crust packaged in plastic again. Those finished pies displayed in their clear plastic coffins like Snow White’s apple-drugged body won’t look so appealing any more.

All of the ingredients are widely available in paper or glass packaging, plastic-free. If you have access to a bulk department, you can bring your own reusable packaging from home for a zero waste pie.

The crust recipe is so simple, even those with pie crust phobias will triumph. There is no rolling of dough, nothing that needs gentle handling. Of course, it’s not going to produce a flaky pastry crust. If you need that, go buy yourself a croissant. Then come home and bake this pie.

foraged blackberries make great pies

Use any summer fruit you like, it will most likely work – I’ve used apples, assorted berries, cherries, peaches, rhubarb, and odd combinations of all of those in the same crust with good results. I tinker around with amounts of sugar, alternate sweeteners, tapioca (balls or starch) in place of corn starch, various spices, extracts and liqueurs. I use my own gluten-free flour blend in place of wheat flour, no problem. I’ve used all sorts of non-dairy milks in the crust, and coconut oil in place of the butter on top of the fruit. Tinker away to suit your own tastes and dietary needs, pies can stand a bit of off-road travel without suffering.

strawberry rhubarb pie

You can make this pie, and it will taste good. The crust will not win you any blue ribbons, but pie is about more than crust. The magic lives in the synergy of toothsome filling and stalwart subtle crust, and this will give you enough of that to win hearts and minds.

If you’ve never made a pie because it seems too hard, if you think you need that plastic-packaged crust from the store, if you buy those finished pies in plastic clamshell tombs, now is the time to fight the power! Free yourself from the mental shackles of commercial food! Make your own pie! You can do it!

Plastic-free pie for all!

2 comments on “Pie Less Plastic

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