Eco-Sabbath – No Impact Week

We mixed things up a bit, so that Saturday was our Eco-Sabbath, Sunday our Giving Back day. Our regular sabbath, aka Shabbat, is from sundown Friday through to Saturday night when we can see three stars shining in the sky (airplanes and satellites don’t count). We do our best to reduce our use of money, electricity, and our car, but our primary observance is focused on being present for each other, building sacred space in time where we can be with family and friends. My ex-husband, father of our daughters, comes to visit almost every weekend, and we like to start Saturday with something tasty to eat and a trip to the Bainbridge Barter Potluck in the Park.

That’s what we did this past Saturday – We shared some grass-fed beef from our freezer and came home with kale, zucchini, daikon radishes, and a freshly baked spiral challah.

Cowgirl Mira on Star Etta

Then it was off to a birthday party for some of Mira’s friends. They’re lucky enough to live on a beautiful local farm, and we had a great time at their cowboy birthday party.

We did use some optional electricity at home on Saturday night for our weekly movie night. While the girls were watching their film choice for the week, I drove less than 2 miles to pick up our meat for the year. Our 1/4 grass-fed steer fit into 2 large boxes, much too heavy for me to haul home on my bicycle (I really would love a cargo bike!).

picking up our 1/4 steer

So, not exactly a pure eco-sabbath, but we did spend most of the day outside in the glowing autumn sunshine. And, as always, we spent time talking about what we are most grateful for. This week’s list: Each other, our friends, our fertile soil, and learning.

2 comments on “Eco-Sabbath – No Impact Week

  1. […] buy our meat in bulk once a year, so I don’t usually have to stop at the butcher’s counter. […]

  2. […] buy our meat in bulk once a year, so I don’t usually have to stop at the butcher’s counter. […]

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