Update: DIY Dishwashing Powder

I’ve tinkered with my DIY Dishwashing Detergent a bit.  My first few dishwasher loads were lovely, but then something happened and my glasses started to come out with a dusty white film. I’m all for life less plastic, but I want clear glasses, too. What to do, what to do.

Reducing the amount of dishwashing powder didn’t seem to help. If I go below 1 teaspoon per load, the dishes come out with food still attached, and the film is still there.

I can’t add more vinegar than what the rinse aid cup will hold, so that’s not an option. Although the vinegar is very important – Don’t forget the vinegar! .

My answer: I fill the dishwashing detergent cup with baking soda, leaving just enough room for 1 teaspoon for my DIY dishwashing powder. This added baking soda seems to do the trick, and my glasses seem to be coming out without the film.

Baking soda, the answer to many problems. It’s almost creepy how useful the stuff is.

5 comments on “Update: DIY Dishwashing Powder

  1. Nice! I think I finally need to try your stuff when I use up my big box of Seventh Generation. I’ve had trouble finding pure citric acid, though. Where do you get it?

    • It’s the main ingredient in Kool-Aid unsweetened lemonade packets, and you can buy it in bulk from Central Market and Market Spice in Seattle, possibly also from Tenzing Momo in the market. It’s also in Fruit Fresh, but I wouldn’t recommend that since it’s way more expensive per ounce than the Kool-Aid packets, has less citric acid than the lemonade powder, and comes in a hard plastic bottle. Bulk is obviously the choice-less-plastic, but there isn’t any on the island in bulk, unless you can get Matt from Eleven Winery to sell you some; he uses some in the winery but he’d need to figure out price & availability. Hope that helps!

  2. Starting in December, Eleven Winery will have citric acid available for sale at our new winery location, 7671 Day Road. It will be $5/pound.

    I had a similar filming problem using seventh gen. dishwasher detergent a few times, and discovered that it wasn’t the detergent, it was because the air gap was plugged (where the outflow from the dishwasher goes over to the sink and through a little trap before going into the sink drain) so the DW wasn’t draining properly. Fixed that and the problem went away.

    • Matt, this is great news! Thank you so much! I’ll be there in December to buy a pound of citric acid – Should I call ahead? I just discovered that the heat element on my dishwasher was dying; since it it finally shuffled off this mortal coil and I had it replaced, my DIY dishwashing powder has been working like a dream, no more residue. I suspect a lot of dish issues are like yours and mine, more related to problems with the washer than the cleaning agent.

  3. […] my update here – In a nutshell, if I add straight baking soda on top of 1 tsp of this DIY mix into my […]

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