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DIY Matzo Box Tote

matzo box tote.jpgEating your way through boxes of the bread of affliction? Don’t toss the empties out, turn them into totes for your gear. These are sturdy enough for travel and easy enough to make quickly if you’re leaving in a hurry, or for holding leftovers for your seder guests to take home (everyone loves macaroons and matzah roca to go with their morning after coffee).

  • Fold the top flaps down to the inside of your box.
  • Use a hole punch or sharp object to pierce 2 holes in the lid and folded-down flaps on each long side, about an inch below the top opening and towards the outer edges.
  • Cut two pieces of rope or string to your preferred handle length (I used the soft rope handles from a torn gift bag for the matzah tote, old pieces of clothesline for the Girl Scout cookies tote, and thick yarn for the dishwasher tablet box tote pictured below).
  • Thread one piece of rope through the holes on one side of the box, including the folded-down flap, and knot each end on the outside of the box. Repeat with the second length of rope on the other side of your box.
  • Voila! A tote box! You can leave the flaps folded inside or pop them up to cover what you’re carrying.

*This works with any box, chametz or not – This is a DIY for everyone, all year long! Small boxes make perfect lunch bags and purses; you can even make your own matzah to carry in the box. Larger cardboard boxes are perfect for carrying offerings to a potluck, plants to your garden, groceries, etc. Tell me what you put into your box totes!

box totes.jpg

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