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The Beauty of Compost

Compost Can Be Beautiful Photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

I used to put my compost into a steel canister with a lid that I kept to the right of my dish soap by my kitchen sink. But as we started to grow the majority of the produce we eat, our food waste went way up – All those bean stems, strawberry hulls, eggshells, and zucchini ends add up, to say nothing of the cut flowers and bouquets my girls bring me from the margins of our yard.

Now I have a larger section of my kitchen counter dedicated to stainless steel bowls that hold compost and chicken scraps. Yes, it takes up space, but it’s so much more convenient for me to toss scraps into an open bowl that’s large enough to hold a full day’s worth of food scraps, with no lid to open and close every few minutes while I’m cooking. The open bowl system also motivates me to empty the compost bowl into my compost/worm bins every day, and to feed the chickens their scraps when we’re ready for our human dinner.

And as an added bonus, I’ve discovered that sometimes our compost is beautiful, like an old still life oil painting.

Still Life with Compost Photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

One comment on “The Beauty of Compost

  1. Very beautiful compost indeed.

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