My Apologies For All These Haiku Posts…

Please, don’t unsubscribe – This won’t happen again!

I know, if you’re one of my email subscribers, your inbox is full of back-dated haiku posts from my blog – I am so sorry about this! If I knew of a way to stop posts from going out to my subscribers, I’d keep these from junking up your inbox. Alas, I can’t find any way to do that. Please forgive me, and believe me when I say this won’t happen again!

A couple of years ago, I followed the lead of my friend James and started using haiku to constrain my Facebook status updates. There are some status updates that require more expository sentences, but I try to stick to haiku whenever possible. I’ve been posting some of these haiku here to my previously static My Year in Haiku page, but I’ve learned enough about WordPress to know there’s a better way to manage them. I’m transforming that static page into another form, one that requires each haiku to be published in its own post. This will make it much easier for me to format and edit each haiku, but it requires individual posts. I’ve kept all of 2011 and 2012 together in a single post, but I’m publishing the 2013 haiku as individual posts.

Going forward, I promise no more than one haiku-related post per day! Please use your delete key on all those posts in your inbox today, and feel free to vent in the comments below. Of course, you can also unsubscribe yourself, but I hope you’ll stick it out.



Rock Farmer

Point White Pier photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

6 comments on “My Apologies For All These Haiku Posts…

  1. Thanks, I found it reminded me of the vast and varied Haiku you have created. I am just learning how to spell Haiku.

    • Thanks for your understanding, Understanding…That’s a funny sentence, eh? I really wish WordPress gave me a way to publish old posts without sending out email notifications. I hated pushing publish on all of those, but I really need them as individual posts; it’s very hard to get them all lined up properly on a static page.

  2. I appreciate seeing this explanation. I am a fairly new subscriber so I’m not familar with your blog and how you do things. Just now when I saw all those posts in my inbox, I directly came to your site to see what was going on. I would have unsubscribed had I not heard you explain what’s going on. I look forward to following you. I like haikus too.

    • Thanks for your understanding and your patience! I scoured WordPress, hoping to find a way to publish all these old haiku without sending out email notices, but couldn’t find anything. I promise, this isn’t the way I do things normally! Thanks for subscribing and sticking it out through all that inbox traffic today!

  3. I’m thrilled to see that you are keeping them all in one place. I fully expect to see some fabulous bound version of all of your haiku’s in the future. I love reading them and I love that you can sum up a day, a moment and experience in such a succinct way. Thank you.

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