Haiku – 15th April 2013

buying a sandwich
while the corner TV shows
Boston’s bloody street

4 comments on “Haiku – 15th April 2013

  1. Reminds me when I was in college and watching TV over a snack and Jack Ruby killed JFK’s assassin. Media brings the ugly picture of reality to our doorsteps. I was hoping you would post something to help us share in the loss of safety Boston, grieving and worried loved ones, and all of us feel again.

  2. I find it very unsettling to be caught doing mundane things while there are such profane things going on elsewhere. Lives are being shattered while I stand in line for a sandwich.

  3. I know what you mean. Boston is such a part of me. I felt so sad tonight, and weird because there I was in the sunshine watching kids happy at soccer practice. I don’t really know how to put those together, and how to respond. It was a late night and I rushed the kids to bed, and though I had told them what happened I’m sorry we didn’t take a few minutes together to pray and be quiet about it. Maybe tomorrow over breakfast.

  4. Yes, that’s just what we need, too – “a few minutes together to pray and be quiet about it.” I’ve never lived in Boston, but I have ancestors buried there and family living there, it’s always been one of my heart’s navigation points.

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