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Minimalist May Day Ideas

Minimalist May Day Door

Minimalist May Day Door

My youngest daughter has always had her own aesthetic. She’s no fan of pink, ruffles, or frou-frou mainstream “princess” decor. Her favorite color was red up until this year, when she switched to blue and black. When she asked to start dance lessons, she specified “No ballet. No pink. Only the kind of dance where you wear all black and have bare feet.” I signed her up for Modern Dance, and she’s in heaven. This year, she took it upon herself to add some belated May Day surprises on our door and around the garden. I love her pared down approach, and think we’ll put her in charge of our neighborhood May Day gifts next year.

May Day Decoration for a Favorite Tree

May Day Decoration for Our Baby Sour Pie Cherry Tree

She used the long leaves from some of our Japanese iris for most of her decorations, but I found one cache of flowers in the crotch of her birthday tree, a Rainier cherry.

May Day Flowers for a Beloved Tree

May Day Flowers for a Beloved Tree

There were so many of these decorations around our garden, I assumed she was also responsible for the grass draped around our dog’s muzzle. But it turns out Trixie did that to herself; I guess dogs love May Day just as much as first graders.

May Day Dog Decor

May Day Dog Decor

It’s such a lovely tradition, I’m happy that my daughter has made it her own. Do people still celebrate May Day with flowers on the doorsteps of neighbors where you live? Around here, I’m afraid the annual May Day riot by faux-Anarchists is becoming more of a sure thing on the 1st of May, but I hope the flowers and greens win out.

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