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A Mother’s Day Less Plastic

Happy Mother’s Day to all of those who celebrate it – Here’s a quick round-up of ideas less plastic that I wrote up for Trash Backwards. I’m celebrating with a cup of coffee and a morning reading of Harry Potter with my girls.

Trash Backwards Blog

By Rebecca Rockefeller

Celebrate your favorite mom(s) and your favorite Mother Earth in plastic-free style this coming Mother’s Day.

While the old-fashioned advice that “a hand-made present is the best” still stands, of course, you may have reached a point where you’d like to gift your mother with something other than a ceramic creation from art class, or a necklace of fresh nutmeg (just two of the many hand-made gifts I’ve given to my own mom over the years). We’ve got a few ideas, and we’d love to hear from you about plastic-free, zero waste Mother’s Day gifts that are wonderful to give and to receive.

Give the Gift of Experience:

Remember all the things your mother taught you to do? Now’s your chance to pay her back in kind. Has she always wanted to climb a mountain? Does she love to bake? Write? Garden? Relax? Learn? Travel? Whatever your…

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