In Praise of Puffy Clouds

Blue Skies over Bainbridge

Blue Skies over Bainbridge

We’ve got some famously blue skies here thanks to Perry Como (well, to be precise, right across the water from my own “here”). We don’t seem the bluest blue all that often, but when we finally do, it’s glorious. I actually have another song running through my mind whenever our skies look like this. Way back when I was a liveaboard in the San Juan Islands, I spent a long summer month on my 30′ wooden sailboat with a whole lot of Brits who came over with their favorite tunes. This one by The Orb was played so many times, I think we wore through the cassette tape so we could hear the music on the other side bleeding through. I hated this song by the end of our month, but I’m happier now whenever our weather is good enough to trigger the memory of it in my mind.
blue sky and white cloud photo © Rebecca Rockefeller
I like our blue skies best of all when there’s a herd of not-too-big puffy white cumulus clouds suspended in all that heavenly color. We get a lot of blanket-of-gray cloud cover days that can make a person feel kinship with Atlas, holding all that weight from above. But today is one of our relatively rare sunny, not too hot, blue skies dotted with storybook white clouds days. The clouds have been taking turns covering the sun, but they keep moving on and the sun keeps coming back.

blue skies and white clouds photo © Rebecca Rockefeller
Growing up here, I couldn’t really relate to the stories and cartoons that had people enjoying cloud watching, looking for shapes and messages in the sky. But days like this give us a taste of that. Days like this make me believe we may have a summer this year. And even if we don’t, a few more days like this will be enough to get me through next fall-winter-early spring with my sanity intact.

2 comments on “In Praise of Puffy Clouds

  1. Lovely memories, those; I lived in a cabin with my sons’ Dad and our eldest boy on South Pender for most of two years, so just north of the San Juans.
    No life like it! ~ Linne

    • I love the Penders! What a wonderful place to live – Lucky you! We used to sail from our berth on Lopez up to Desolation Sound at the end of each summer tourist season (I was a kayak guide while I lived aboard). You’re so right, there’s no life like it. I love my garden and my bathtub, but I miss the islands and my boat.

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