taking out some borage

I am happy to be working to bring forth fruit from the rocky soil. I write about my life as the single mother of two children. I write about the food I cook, the plants we grow, the eggs our chickens lay, my ongoing efforts to avoid bringing new plastic into our home, and the things I think about at night when my home is finally quiet and still.

My obsession with plastic has taken over more of my life and has become Trash Backwards, online hub of the reuse revolution. Visit our site or check out our Pinterest boards to find inspiration to refuse, reduce, and reuse the things you think you’re done with.

You can reach me via the comments below or by email to realrockfarmer@gmail.com.

9 comments on “About

  1. I’m a reporter for the Bainbridge Island Review and I’m hoping to get in touch with Bainbridge Islanders who are trying the No Impact challenge for an article I’m writing for next week’s paper.

    Would you be interested in talking with me?

    My e-mail is jhoch@bainbridgereview.com

  2. Thanks – I just sent you an email…Let me know if it doesn’t show up!

  3. Very cool rock farmer!!! Hope to read more in the coming weeks and months.

  4. How do we subscribe to your blog? Thanks!

  5. Hi Jenny – I think I’ve managed to add a subscribe via email link to the right here – Please let me know if that doesn’t work. Thanks!

  6. Hi, I am excited to inform you that I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Please visit http://thefishermanswife.me/category/awards-nominations/for more information. Keep up the good work! -The Fisherman’s Wife-

  7. Hi Rebecca–
    I am telling my aunt about you and would like to find anything you wrote about your dress.
    Blessed be,


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